Fusion Team - создаем лучшие решения из ваших идей на основе нашего опыта
Sidekiker is a simple and free way to share your activities with friends, loved ones and people nearby. Connect with friends to find out what they are up to today. Discover new activities from new friends all over the world. At Sidekiker we are all about activities, from events to trips and everything in between! You can choose to share activities with friends or people around you. Our unique activity chat option allows you to chat instantly to somebody who has joined your activity. You also have the option to share activities outside the app to anyone you think will be interested.
The app front-end is made with React Native and supports both iOS and Android devices. The backend is powered by Firebase. The app uses it to handle Database, Storage, and Authentifications aspects as well as employees Firebase Cloud Functions. Also, on the platform have implemented such functional as group and private chat with other users of the app, ability to create, add and send photos and other media files to chats and so on. The in-app map is implemented with Mapbox.
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